With us you are in good hands when looking for the right sample system to match your brand presence, no matter if you give us exact specifications or decide to trust in our expertise to find the answer that works best for you. While naturally our repertoire includes standards such as automotive paint, upholstery, leather and real wood samples, all of them coming in a wide range of materials and designs, ISARIA never stops at simple standards. So our focus is on dressing your product up with that top-notch presentational quality it obtains when it comes appropriately presented in the right sample box or wall or drawer display case.

Just ask us for any complementary product or custom-made solution you might need –because we are happy to satisfy our customers' special requests! Is it tyres, rims and steering wheels you wish to display? Or do you need the reproduction of transparencies or give your colour charts a particular motif? Or would you simply like to underline your trade-fair appearance with a particular kind of sample to make it stand out from the crowd? Don't worry, we provide a whole lot of flexible options to make your presence convincing and successful.

Exemplary Products